It’s like an ATM Card, with cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and fund transfer capabilities, only better. Enjoy hassle-free purchases at stores, restaurants, theaters, hotels and any other place that accepts Visa®, including internet and telephone purchases. The purchase is deducted from your checking account, and as a consumer, you have complete protection if your card is lost or stolen.

  • No checkbook to carry
  • No identification to show
  • No waiting for check approval
  • No service charges
  • No annual or monthly fee

*** If your card is lost or stolen, please call your local branch during normal business hours or after hours call (888) 849-6046***

Consumers have complete protection for fraudulent Check Card transactions at merchants displaying the Visa Card logo. Consumer liability for ATM or PIN-based transactions will be no more than $50 when loss or theft is reported within 2 business days.

Mariner’s Bank does not impose service charges on transactions at any ATM; when conducting a transaction at an ATM not owned by Mariner’s Bank, the institution who owns the machine may assess a service charge at the time of your transaction, including balance inquiries.


Please use the form below for general inquiries or to provide us with your feedback. For questions or assistance regarding an existing account please contact any of our Branches directly or call (201) 224-9110 to be directed to the appropriate department.

To report a lost or stolen Visa Check Card, please contact your local branch during normal business hours or the 24 Hour Lost and Stolen Card Center at (800) 528-2273 (812-647-9794 for international cardholders).

Mariner’s Remote Assistance

If you have been contacted or are working with Technology personnel at Mariner’s Bank and a remote session is required, please click the Remote Assistance link below and and fill in the code provided to you.

Remote Assistance

Usage Disclaimer:

Mariner’s Bank provides this service at our customers request and in the customers presence. Mariner’s Bank’s access to your desktop is subject to confidentiality provisions between Mariner’s Bank and you; and you (the customers) are responsible for limiting access to information on your desktop that cannot be disclosed to Mariner’s Bank. Mariner’s Bank will use this service in a professional manner, however Mariner’s Bank does not warrant or represent the adequacy or completeness of the service or its solutions in connection with the service and expressly disclaims liability for errors or omissions related thereto.

Although Mariner’s Bank endeavors to use care in respect to providing the service it is furnished to the client on an ‘as is’ basis with all faults and defects contained therein, Mariner’s Bank makes no representations or warranties either express or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or use, with respect to any aspect of the service. Mariner’s Bank makes no warranties that the service will be uninterrupted, timely, complete, and accurate or error free. Client expressly agrees that the use of this service is at client’s sole risk and that Mariner’s Bank shall have no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in, or resulting from the use of, the service. Any failures or delays in providing the service, any loss of use thereof, or for any loss, damage, injury or expense caused directly or indirectly by its actions or inactions in connection with the service.