Edgewater, NJ – Mariner’s Bank (“Mariner’s”): Mariner’s Bank is one of only 47 financial institutions in New Jersey participating in Governor Murphy’s initiative in support of protecting residents IRS stimulus payments. Under Governor Murphy’s executive order, all New Jerseyans issued a stimulus payment under the American Rescue Plan Act are exempt from suffering from garnishment by private creditors and debt collectors.

At Mariners Bank, we have taken action and established measures to protect our customers’ stimulus funds, regardless of their account. Within this initiative, IRS stimulus payments will not be used to settle customers’ negative balance, overdrawn balances, or fees associated with these account activities. This will work as frontline protection to individuals’ IRS stimulus payments for 30 days from the date in which the funds were received from the IRS. Individuals should confirm when their overdrawn status, negative balance, and any corresponding fees will be reinstated.

If you have not yet received your IRS stimulus payment, you can visit the IRS’s official website, irs.gov, and use their “Get My Payment” tool for information on payment status, delivery, and more. As always, our bankers are available to answer any of your questions regarding this initiative, should you have any questions?